Jelijn Verhoeven is a visual designer from Amsterdam and founded SKARV in 2020. She built the brand and visual identity together with creative director, Boris Lutters. Our copy hero is Clemency Newman and we builded the website together with Yvy Bakker. We work closely with GEM faces by Ami Keita. Boris Lutters and Victor Wennenkens also shoot our campaigns. 

Jelijn Verhoeven started SKARV by creating a small number of scarves for friends. They loved them so much, they shared the designs on social media and before she knew it, other people were asking to buy them. From then, she saw the potential to improve the design and quality to make them available for sale.

By making scarves, she has learnt a lot about the knitting process, color combinations and starting her own brand from scratch. The first scarves were made of acrylic, but has since incorporated 100% merino
wool pieces to the collection.

To achieve the best quality, it’s really important to keep the production process as local as possible. Verhoeven is involved in production from start to finish, from choosing Italian wool that doesn’t scratch your neck, to stitching the final label.

A big shout out to all the people and friends that believe in this brand. Without their support, this would have never been possible.

How is your
Skarv made?

Our merino wool scarves are made and produced in Amsterdam. We want to be as sustainable as possible and it’s important for us to work with local fabrics, sourced from the Netherlands or Europe.

For that reason we always try to look for a production as close by as we can. This way we always have control over the process and the environmental cost of shipping long distances.

It’s important we have a personal connection with our manufacturers and the people that work there.

By keeping it local we can make sure factory conditions are perfect and the people get a fair wage for what they do.

You can read our whole story on our sustainability page.